Date: 2018-09-08

The Skills that that you will gain :

  1. Definition of financial risks and operational risks

  2. Relationship between financial statements and financial risks

  3. Recognition criteria of Financial Instruments.

  4. Summary of IAS 39 requirements

  5. Business Model criteria and definition.

  6. Classification of Financial Assets and Financial Liabilities under IFRS 9.

  7. Measurement of financial assets and Financial Liabilities.

  8. Subsequent Measurement of Financial assets and Financial Liabilities.

  9. Amortized cost and recognition of interest.

  10. Impairment of Financial assets including loan commitments

  11. De-recognition criteria

  12. Hedge accounting and requirements.

  13. Presentation and disclosures

  14. Effective date and transition.

  15. Examples and cases


The Duration of Course : 3 days 

The Duration of Course by Hours : 12 Hour