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Financial Manager

Required to work in Saudi Arabia, Makkah, a large contracting company
Number of financial director: 
- Experience of not less than 10 years,
including at least 5 years financial director in the field of general contracting Age is not more than 45 years . - Fluent in dealing with large accounting programs such as (SAP or Oracle)  Highly qualified in the preparation and review of financial reports, especially (financial statements in accordance with international standards  Highly competent in managing the affairs of establishments in all financial, tax and tax aspects  - Highly proficient in the management of the work team under the management and control of work and follow-up with the work team  - Preferably holders of professional certificates such as CMA - previously worked in Saudi Arabia in the field of general contracting Salary: to be determined after the interview


Required to work in Saudi Arabia, Mecca, a major contracting company

 Number of 5 accountants with no more than five years experience

(SAP) or any Oracle software

 (And experience of not less than 3 years) in the field of general contracting.

 - Salary: (to be determined after interview)

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