Date: 2019-01-14

The Outline :

1. Egyptian Accounting Standard No. 47 relating to financial instruments in accordance with IFRS 9; 2. IAS 84 on revenue from contracts with customers in accordance with IFRS 15 to replace IAS 11, which is related to revenue and IAS 8 relating to construction contracts, 3- Egyptian Accounting Standard No. (49) for leasing contracts in accordance with the Financial Leasing and Classification Law No. 176 of 2018 - issued in August 2018. - to replace the Egyptian Accounting Standard No. (20) Financial Leasing. 4. The tax effect of measuring fair value in accordance with Egyptian Accounting Standard No. 45 5- Tax treatment of returns on treasury bills and bonds according to the latest amendment in Article 58 of the Income Tax Law.

Distinguished attendance of people with experience in the following sectors:

All accountants, financial managers and tax officials in all sectors: Banks,  Insurance companies, investment funds, Commercial and Industrial Companies,   Accounting and Auditing Offices.

special Offeres for groups